ASP Microcomputers

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  1. Barcode & Labelling Equipment

    Meet the Barcode Scanner with attitude! ASP's Barcode Zapper™ is on a mission, aggressively grabbing any barcode that comes too near.

  2. Barcode & Labelling Equipment

    Advanced 2D scanner with multiple interfaces

  3. Barcode & Labelling Equipment


  4. Barcode & Labelling Equipment

    For first time users, or expert operators, experience and speedy scanning

  5. Barcode & Labelling Equipment

    Z4 DataTraq 2 in 1 Portable Barcode Reader

  6. Data Acquisition & Identification

    The MINI MICR is a MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) Cheque Reader, and is designed to read the MICR characters on cheques, deposit and withdrawal slips, and other MICR encoded documents.

  7. Data Acquisition & Identification

    No need to type in the details on a Medicare or credit card, just swipe the card through the QuickStripe reading slot. The card data will appear on your PC screen as though you typed it in, but without any errors!

  8. Data Acquisition & Identification

    It doesn't cost much to move over to the benefits of ASP Electronic Time & Attendance.

  9. IT Hardware & Equipment

    The Zapper Tornado BT™ is ASP’s latest Bluetooth scanning sensation, employing cutting-edge Imaging Technology to provide outstanding scanning performance even with worn or difficult to read barcodes.

  10. IT Hardware & Equipment

    The DT-970 was designed for use at a wide variety of worksites, including retail, manufacturing, distribution, and field operations.