Applied Infrared Sensing

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  1. Automation and Warehousing

    General purpose welding head NA-60A is widely used in various applications, such as different types of electronic and mechanical parts that require reliability and accuracy. High pressure welding head NA-72 is suited for welding of mechanical parts... Read More

  2. Data Acquisition & Data Capture

    NEC RA2800 is a data acquisition logger that enables you to acquire/record data with simple operation. Reduced condition setting time and easy measurement can be realized by virtual amplifier setup, a touch-panel and dynamic waveform display on a ... Read More

  3. Data Acquisition & Data Capture

    Advanced, new concept in measuring instruments — now you can simultaneously measure and record non-contact infrared temperature data with analogue phenomena including stress, strain and vibration.

  4. Data Acquisition & Data Capture

    Designed specifically for measurement needs from FA to fields DC6100 data logger remote scanner has various configurations with multiple channels and fast recording (max 10ms sampling when using 30 channels in Lab measurements and 100ms sampling... Read More

  5. General Products & Services

    Xeva-2.5 unit is a compact digital camera, operating a HgCdTe detector array (up to 2.5 μm) with 320×256 pixel resolution. It outputs 14 bit data and comes in a 60 Hz, 100 Hz or 200Hz versions. The camera interfaces to a PC via standard USB 2.0 or... Read More

  6. General Products & Services

    This laser power supply unit allows welding unique shape resin reducing thermal damage by partial heating. It is PB free, easier and cheaper to maintain.

  7. General Products & Services

    Inverter type welding power supply model with adopted inverter is used for extremely efficient welding. It responds to the change during welding at real time by fast feedback. The highly stabilized welding current generated by the power supply is... Read More

  8. Instrumentation & Measurement

    Digital force gauge is used for easy precise measurement of electrode force. Characteristics:     Compact, light weight;    2 way power supply (rechargeable battery & AC100-240V);    Allows holding the peak value;    Pressing «ZERO» button... Read More

  9. Instrumentation & Measurement

    New infrared thermal imaging camera NEC G30 is ideal for predictive/preventive maintenance and building assessments. With 7 hours battery life and sophisticated features typically found only in high-end cameras it is ready for almost any job.

  10. Instrumentation & Measurement

    Force monitors are created specifically for automation needs. They provide easy automation in combination with system heads, uncomplicated quality control with enhanced communications and simple assembly of force sensor.