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  1. Crowd & Traffic Control

    In comparison to a photoelectric barrier, a multibeam light barrier covers a substantially larger area in front of the door closing level. The multibeam light barriers consist of two components - a beam transmit­ter and receiver. If there is an... Read More

  2. Crowd & Traffic Control

    We distinguish between two functions on the photoelectric barrier: a) Open: The door opens when the photoe­lectric barrier is interrupted. b) Safety: The door remains open as long as the photoelectric barrier is inter­rupted.

  3. Crowd & Traffic Control

    Pull switches are operated manually and mounted on ceilings, overhand structures, etc. The switch is activated by pulling on a pendant synthetic rope (length up to 6000 mm), which allows the fork lift truck operator to activate the door from his... Read More

  4. Crowd & Traffic Control

    Push Buttons come into their own as manually operated actuators. The push-buttons can be used on pedestrian doors and also in the vicinity of passages, where they are mounted on walls or columns and easily reached by hand. Pressing the push-button... Read More

  5. Crowd & Traffic Control

    Radar motion detectors only react to moving objects. A radar motion detector is used, when reliable coverage is required, be it in the case of people or vehicles. It is characterized by simple its simple operations and robustness, even under very... Read More

  6. Crowd & Traffic Control

    The radio transmitter sends out a signal, which is picked up by the aerial on the receiver, which then emits the switch command. The signal is coded and can only be interpreted when the codes of the transmitter and receiver match. The radio... Read More

  7. Crowd & Traffic Control

    Traffic lights, either red/green or only red or only green for visual coverage, can be combined with each actuator. They serve safety requirements. Example: Normal position of the door (both lights off) Opening impulse(both lights red) Door is open(... Read More

  8. Crowd & Traffic Control

    Albany Nomafa series 660 model Rapid Roll Door. This is the door that has set the industry standard. This hard working reliable door will repay the investment many times over. The door is self-supporting from the ground and needs minium fixing... Read More

  9. Crowd & Traffic Control

    Infrared motion detectors are suited to personnel and vehicular traffic. In comparison to radar motion de­tectors, infrared motion detectors only cover a restricted area in front of the door.

  10. Crowd & Traffic Control

    Passiv-Infrared motion detectors react only to moving objects.