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  1. Crowd & Traffic Control

    The Roll Door with DiscDrive Technology. High transparency due to large vision panels. A simple ingenious winding mechanism limits noise and wear due to DiscDrive. Reduced crash damage thanks to flexible and hingeless connected profiles. Patented... Read More

  2. Crowd & Traffic Control

    Compact, lightweight RapidRoll door for diverse applications - for isolation, noise reduction, over or under pressure, draft reduction and occupational safety. The service friendly construction holds preventive service and maintenance costs at a... Read More

  3. Crowd & Traffic Control

    The heavy-duty RapidRoll® 420 controls climate sensitive areas and enhances workflow in cold storage environments. The ACS 70 frequency converter control system offers fast and smooth door operation. Strong tension springs care for the weight... Read More

  4. Crowd & Traffic Control

    The RapidRoll 600 uses a modular design to provide superior operation. Fast opening and closing speeds improve workflow and lower utility and maintenance costs while offering high wind resistance, substantial safety features, and reliable... Read More

  5. Crowd & Traffic Control

    The largest for industrial applications with the extremely robust, tear resistant RollTex fabric. Just to name only few advantages of the RapidRoll® 900: a remarkably long lifetime, incredible energy savings, prevention of drafts and heat loss.... Read More

  6. Crowd & Traffic Control

    Albany PVC Stripview Curtains are the most economical solution to industrial, commercial and institutional doorway problems. Controlling wind, rain, noise, dust, heat, cold, humidity, insects etc. they are inexpensive, simple to install and... Read More

  7. Crowd & Traffic Control

    The Albany Swingview Door provides safety, hygiene and environmental control in an attractive and super reliable design. Providing hands free access, Swingview is clearly the most practical and economical solution to doorway problems. Supermarkets,... Read More

  8. Crowd & Traffic Control

    In comparison to radar motion detectors or passiv-infrared motion detectors the Aktiv-Infrared motion detector react to objects and people without movement. This is the reason you can use it as a combination for opening and safety functions.

  9. Crowd & Traffic Control

    Flashing lights serve safety requirements. They give visual signals for opening and closing impulse. Flashing lights can be combined with each actuator

  10. Crowd & Traffic Control

    An induction loop is laid in the floor and only reacts to metal objects. Pedestrians are not detected by the induction loop, but both moving and stationary vehicles are. For this reason, the induction loop can also be used as a safety device. As the... Read More