A&D Weighing

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  1. Digital Weight indicators

    A process control indicator capable of controlling conveyor systems, in motion applications, batching and filling. Fully configurable I/O represents maximum flexibility.

  2. Digital Weight indicators

    Stainless Steel, IP-65 protection from dust and moisture. Bright green V.F.D 20mm (height). Bracket standard. 1/20,000 display resolution. NMI Approved for trade use.

  3. Floor

    Fully waterproof, trade approved platform scales. Triple range weighing. Pipe design basework for optimum hygiene. Capacity to 220kg. Standard Data Output.

  4. Floor

    A heavy duty platform scale designed for pallet weighing. The unit has a painted finish and is ideal for the price conscious purchaser. Features of A&D 3000 Pallet Platform Scale:

  5. Floor

    Galvanised heavy duty floor based platform scale. Standard capacities up to 3000kg. Trade approved to 3000kg. Standard dimensions up to 1500mm x 1500mm. Non standard dimensions available on request.

  6. Forklift

    SUMI specialise in the design and manufacture of the range of battery operated electric pedestrian forklifts and pallet trucks for Australian and selected overseas markets.

  7. Hospital

    The HVL-CS Chair Scale is purpose built to weigh patients who are unable to use a stand on platform scale. The HVL-CS features a 150 kg capacity with a 50g accuracy. The HVL-CS is powered by either an AC supply or by DC battery.

  8. Hospital

    The WCS Wheelchair Scale is a highly portable platform scale specifically designed for weighing patients confined to wheelchairs. Features of WCS Wheelchair Scale:

  9. Hospital

     A large capacity chair scale designed specifically for the weighing of bariatric patients.

  10. Lab scales and laboratory balances

     The FX-i Precision TopPan range provides a host of features in a compact, light weight package. All of the traditional A&D functions are present plus a host of innovative features.