1. 04.10.2016
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    After a long-unprecedented 12-month expansion in Manufacturing, August saw the first serious contraction of the industry in years.
    This September, however, saw the industry employment figures and Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (PMI) stabilize, with the PMI indicating almost no... Read More
  2. 26.09.2016
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    The ABS Q3 report for 2016 is out, and despite the sheer amount of numbers and stats on hand, working through these documents wasn’t as hard going as you’d expect. Why?
    That’s simple: it’s all on the up, as long- and short-term employment trends are positive for a majority of sectors. Before... Read More
  3. 22.09.2016
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    It's saving lives, money, and time. If you're not on-board with the Internet of Things, then you're likely missing out on the benefits; you're competing with over 90 million devices connected in more than ten thousand facilities across the world.
    With all of the leaps and bounds in data gathering,... Read More
  4. 20.09.2016
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    The Australian housing market is in a precarious position, and has “roughly six weeks” before a collapse of the market pulls the remarkable climb of the past few years into the dust.
    At least, that’s what an exclusive report from states, citing an article from the International... Read More
  5. 15.09.2016
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    A new wave of inspectors have completed the training needed to work as OH&S and Return to Work inspectors, and they're spreading out across the state of Victoria - keeping tabs on your business.
    Well, that's not quite true, as workplace inspectors' jobs go beyond just looking for  -and... Read More
  6. 13.09.2016
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    The world around us is rapidly changing, but one thing that never changes is the importance of maintaining a safe workplace.
    That’s why, for 24 years, WorkSafe has dedicated the whole month of October to Health and Safety, hosting events all across Victoria for the entirety of the month.
    WorkSafe... Read More
  7. 08.09.2016
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    The national construction industry turned down in August, along with the manufacturing industry at large. While some sub-sectors expanded, the overal trend was slight contraction.
    Ai Group Head of Policy, Peter Burn, said: “Very weak conditions in the house building sub-sector overshadowed the... Read More
  8. 06.09.2016
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    Ai Group has partnered with CSIRO to increase the number of industry professionals showcasing real-life science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) skills and careers in Australian schools.
    The association, which represents more than 60,000 businesses, has called on the industry to invest in... Read More
  9. 30.08.2016
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    As the global economy is redefined by new standards of connectivity, customer centricity and sustainability, the supply chain is under pressure to drive business transformation. In response, supply chain executives are strengthening their skills and leadership in order to succeed as the... Read More
  10. 30.08.2016
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    Australia’s politicians must put aside destructive partisan divides so that Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has the stability he needs to deliver a positive policy agenda and to lead the nation through global economic uncertainty.
    Australia has suffered from weak and unstable leadership for much of... Read More