1. 22.12.2016
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    Efic has published the final edition of its World Risk Developments for the year, combining an overview of the tidal shifts of 2016 and analysing the risks that lurk in 2017.
    According to Efic Senior Economist Cassandra Winzenried: “Global recovery hinges on better growth in emerging markets.... Read More
  2. 07.12.2016
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    Energy harvesting has been a hot topic in the world of microelectronics for some time. The ability to draw microamp-level currents seemingly from thin air and use them to energise low-power circuits is very appealing, and has enabled the design of a raft of battery-free microelectronic devices,... Read More
  3. 28.11.2016
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    Having reliable security for carparks, warehouses, and docks is an increasingly common requirement in the security-conscious world we live in. DMF analyses the best approaches for any given installation.
    When choosing a security door, two factors are important: the level of security needed, and the... Read More
  4. 24.11.2016
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    Whether we like it or not, Australian manufacturing has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. And while, as you will read inside the November issue of Industry Update, great strides are being made throughout Australian industry to create mentally healthy workplaces, many of the underlying... Read More
  5. 22.11.2016
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    Since 2008, Hydro Innovations has been cultivating an extensive range of products and now, with its new training centre, its capable staff are able to pass some of their expertise on to you in a truly impressive way.
    Hydro Innovations' Wastewater Pumping Station
    This is the centre-piece of the... Read More
  6. 15.11.2016
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    A collaboration between the DET CRC, CSIRO, Globaltech Corporation, and Epslong has led to developments in Bluetooth technology that can be used to increase the efficiency and precision of drilling operations.
    In a high-cost industry that demands precise operation, every bit of actionable data is... Read More
  7. 01.11.2016
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    The Australian manufacturing industry has returned to growth, following predictions and trends that indicated August's slump was a temporary anomaly. 
    The Australian Industry Group's Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (Australian PMI) increased by 1.1 points in October, reaching 50.9 and... Read More
  8. 27.10.2016
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    At the University of South Australia’s Future Industries Institute, scientists have combined micron thin layers of plastics to develop a material that can replace glass in cars, aircraft, spacecraft, and even whitegoods - making them lighter and more efficient.
    Dr Colin Hall and his colleagues at... Read More
  9. 23.10.2016
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    2016 has been an exciting year for manufacturers in Australia. Hard work and innovation from Aussie companies has seen the manufacturing sector expand for the longest continuous period in a decade, repeatedly beating predictions of doom and gloom.
    Looking at the Australian Performance of... Read More
  10. 18.10.2016
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    A sudden push for health and safety has been sparked by the unexpected appearance of black lung disease in an Australian open-air coal miner, who claims that "every single coal mineworker in australia is at risk".
    The investigation into this finding has revealed a lax approach to health inspections... Read More