1. 15.11.2016
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    A collaboration between the DET CRC, CSIRO, Globaltech Corporation, and Epslong has led to developments in Bluetooth technology that can be used to increase the efficiency and precision of drilling operations.
    In a high-cost industry that demands precise operation, every bit of actionable data is... Read More
  2. 01.11.2016
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    The Australian manufacturing industry has returned to growth, following predictions and trends that indicated August's slump was a temporary anomaly. 
    The Australian Industry Group's Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (Australian PMI) increased by 1.1 points in October, reaching 50.9 and... Read More
  3. 27.10.2016
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    At the University of South Australia’s Future Industries Institute, scientists have combined micron thin layers of plastics to develop a material that can replace glass in cars, aircraft, spacecraft, and even whitegoods - making them lighter and more efficient.
    Dr Colin Hall and his colleagues at... Read More
  4. 23.10.2016
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    2016 has been an exciting year for manufacturers in Australia. Hard work and innovation from Aussie companies has seen the manufacturing sector expand for the longest continuous period in a decade, repeatedly beating predictions of doom and gloom.
    Looking at the Australian Performance of... Read More
  5. 18.10.2016
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    A sudden push for health and safety has been sparked by the unexpected appearance of black lung disease in an Australian open-air coal miner, who claims that "every single coal mineworker in australia is at risk".
    The investigation into this finding has revealed a lax approach to health inspections... Read More
  6. 11.10.2016
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    If you're a high level executive, you understand the importance of a highly durable supply chain that adapts to market forces, ensuring your business isn't left out of the loop.
    Without a supply chain that responds to the world as it changes, everything that a business does will be hamstrung. A... Read More
  7. 06.10.2016
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    Taking manufacturing overseas has become a standard move for many Australian companies over the last few decades, but time and experience are revealing a great deal of hidden costs.
    Commercial law firm Cowell Clarke has seen a great deal of the stumbling blocks that companies run afoul of in the... Read More
  8. 04.10.2016
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    After a long-unprecedented 12-month expansion in Manufacturing, August saw the first serious contraction of the industry in years.
    This September, however, saw the industry employment figures and Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (PMI) stabilize, with the PMI indicating almost no... Read More
  9. 26.09.2016
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    The ABS Q3 report for 2016 is out, and despite the sheer amount of numbers and stats on hand, working through these documents wasn’t as hard going as you’d expect. Why?
    That’s simple: it’s all on the up, as long- and short-term employment trends are positive for a majority of sectors. Before... Read More
  10. 22.09.2016
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    It's saving lives, money, and time. If you're not on-board with the Internet of Things, then you're likely missing out on the benefits; you're competing with over 90 million devices connected in more than ten thousand facilities across the world.
    With all of the leaps and bounds in data gathering,... Read More