1. 14.02.2017
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    Up until now, the Internet of Things (IoT for short) has mainly been a catchphrase.
    Ask the man in the street about the IoT, and most will struggle to articulate the essence of this technology.
    Thankfully, this is likely to change in 2017 with the foreseeable collision of the IoT, artificial... Read More
  2. 09.02.2017
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    For the first time in five years, more projects are meeting original goals and business intent while being completed within budget— and fewer projects are deemed failures.Findings released in PMI’s 2017 Pulse of the Profession: Success Rates Rise: Transforming the High Cost of Low Performance... Read More
  3. 06.02.2017
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    Sydney-based electronics design house SRKH Designs has turned to the Kickstarter crowd-funding platform to finance the development of its latest microcomputer. Billed as the “virtually anything” microcomputer, the Virtualette V1 is an ultra-compact Linux-based device with potential applications... Read More
  4. 02.02.2017
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    Australia’s automotive industry has taken another hit, with Toyota announcing that it will cease production of vehicles in Australia on the 3rd October 2017.
    The announcement, which has been long foreshadowed as the automotive industry in Australia shrinks, will axe more than 2500 jobs.
    Senator Kim... Read More
  5. 31.01.2017
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    What will be the main trends for Australian manufacturing this year and beyond?
    Can we expect to see more “smart” factories across Australia? Will more Australian businesses embrace automation and Industry 4.0 data exchange? Can we expect to see improvements in workplace safety?
    The answer to all... Read More
  6. 24.01.2017
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    In the wake of Mike Baird’s unexpected resignation, the importance of having a clear and well-planned chain of succession has become abundantly clear.
    Whether you work in government, non-for-profit, or the private sector, every organisation will have key members that bring a specific, valuable, and... Read More
  7. 17.01.2017
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    In an exclusive interview with Marcus Evans, industry veteran Fernando Biroccesi, Maintenance Manager of Operations for Viterra Australia, talks about the best ways to manage the maintenance of a production plant to ensure maximum productivity and uptime.
    As companies are learning, intra-company... Read More
  8. 16.01.2017
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    Global consumer goods giant Unilever has committed to ensuring that its plastic packaging will be fully reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025 and has challenged the rest of the FMCG industry to increase movement towards the circular economy.
    Despite sustained campaigns at local and global... Read More
  9. 12.01.2017
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    Sometimes parts that are providing reliable, long-lasting service can suddenly begin to fail when conditions change. Such was the case recently for leading Queensland food and beverage industry pumps and cleaning systems provider Euro Pumps, who needed to raise the temperature from 55 to 75℃ at an... Read More
  10. 03.01.2017
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    It may not have seemed to be a boom year for Australian manufacturing, but the latest Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index figures from AI Group confirm that 2016 was, on the whole, a positive year. The Australian PMI rose by 1.2 points to 55.4 in December, leaving 2016 with an average... Read More