1. 08.08.2017
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    Free registration is now available for Australia’s leading Occupational Health and Safety in Action Tradeshow on 5th and 6th September at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre.
    Due to high rates of work-related injuries and illness, the manufacturing sector is one of the priority... Read More
  2. Amazon Robotics Challenge
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    A team of researchers and students from The Australian Centre for Robotic Vision has taken out first prize in the 2017 Amazon Robotics Challenge at RoboCup in Nagoya Japan, scooping a prize of US $80,000.
    True to the nature of its sponsor, the Amazon Robotics Challenge tasked each of the 16 teams... Read More
  3. the results of bearing contamination
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    Bearing reliability is a crucial component of productivity and uptime in expensive machinery and plant throughout industries such as mining, manufacturing, bulk handling and primary production. If a bearing fails, production can grind to a halt.
    Bearing failures can be caused by a number of factors... Read More
  4. 30.06.2017
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    Just occasionally, a product idea comes along and you have to ask the question: why hasn’t that been done before? And the Eziloader is just such a product, and one that has the potential to revolutionise one sector of the materials handling industry.
    Put simply, the Eziloader is a trailer that can... Read More
  5. 22.06.2017
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    Any manufacturer looking to negotiate a new retail electricity contract is probably bracing for a shock. The uncertainties concerning the future makeup of the Australian energy market have led retailers to increase their offer prices ahead of the current market values, particularly on longer-term... Read More
  6. 13.06.2017
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    The eagerly awaited Finkel Report on Energy Security offers long-term hope for the sustainable future of the Australian energy market, but there is no quick-fix golden bullet for the current energy price crisis, according to critics.
    The report from the Government’s Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel... Read More
  7. 07.06.2017
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    The March quarter figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics make sobering reading, but at least the economy is not contracting. The headline figure for the quarter showed that the economy grew by 0.3% - a weak figure, but not the contraction of we had been warned.
    One key aspect was the 2.6... Read More
  8. 26.05.2017
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    It goes without saying that hygiene is of paramount importance in any food processing operation. The consequences of poor hygiene at any stage in the paddock to plate journey of foodstuffs can be catastrophic. But, fortunately, the global acceptance of the necessity for the highest hygiene... Read More
  9. 25.05.2017
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    Organisers, exhibitors and visitors alike have hailed this month’s collocated shows in Melbourne as a resounding success. The coming together of National Manufacturing Week, Austech, Safety First and the ISSSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo produced a total visit count in excess of 11,500, and reports... Read More
  10. 17.05.2017
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    You can now access the latest news, views, products and articles from Industry Update anywhere – and not just on paper.
    The Industry Update website has undergone a radical change beneath the surface, and is now fully mobile responsive.
    Anyone accessing the site using any mobile device from a... Read More