1. 18.07.2016
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    A Brisbane-based manufacturer is helping to reverse the trend of offshore outsourcing by making a multi-million dollar move to bring plastic film manufacturing onshore.
    The move is expected to not only reduce the financial and environmental costs of shipping product from overseas to customers in... Read More
  2. 08.07.2016
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    In sustainability news, south Australia has put itself on the map as a powerhouse of renewable energy after being awarded a contract to a wind farm in the Mid North.
    The Hornsdale Wind Farm that is under construction 220km north of Adelaide has won the contract to provide an additional 100... Read More
  3. 08.07.2016
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    The decrease of oil prices has weighed heavily on energy shares in the US, leading to a weaker-than-expected finish for Wall Street.
    Prices have decreased by more than US$2 a barrel, after the US government declared that crude stockpiles have not declined as much as the market was expecting.... Read More
  4. 06.07.2016
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    Australia has a long history of technological innovation, but its status as a digital competitor has been falling sharply.
    Previously ranked ninth in the world for ‘Networked Readiness’, Australia recovered from a steep fall in 2014-15 to 16th place, but then fell to 18th place during the 2015-16... Read More
  5. 05.07.2016
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    The Australian Industry Group Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (Australian PMI® ) has edged up 0.8 points to 51.8 points in June, taking the index into more expansionary territory.
    The June results have come after some expansionary conditions in May and marks a complete twelve months... Read More
  6. 30.06.2016
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    British and European stocks have fallen 3 percent, but Australia's markets fell by only 1 percent during the trading day, recovering later in the afternoon and avoiding the downwards trend of other markets.
    Shares in the big four banks have all risen by between 0.09 to 0.5 percent, and James Packer... Read More
  7. 27.06.2016
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    Shockwaves from Britain's surprising vote to leave the EU have rocked the world economy, but there are already signs of economic stabilisation.
    After the market fall on Friday that took over $55 billion from the Australian economy, trends have stabilised and economists are predicting a steady... Read More
  8. 20.06.2016
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    A new report from ANZ has issued a warning on lack of skilled labour across Australia by 2030, thanks to the shift from a predominantly mining economy, to a service one, and the increased ageing population.
    The report titled “Serving Australia’s Future” said that it expected Australia’s exports to... Read More
  9. 18.06.2016
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    In this Industry Update exclusive, solicitor Sam Saad, a commercial and property expert with Sydney law firm Clinch Long Letherbarrow examines two key legal issues which could save you valuable time and expense …
    Most commercial and industrial leases have a clause to the effect that the landlord... Read More
  10. 15.06.2016
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    Strong growth from transport-related infrastructure projects will help drive gradual improvement in the construction sector into 2017, a survey has found.
    The latest Australian Industry Group/Australian Constructors Association Construction Outlook survey forecasts that the value of turnover from... Read More