1. 15.08.2016
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    A 2015 report produced by SafeWork Australia reveals some curious and interesting things about how the manufacturing industry perceives work health and safety.13% of employers and 30% of workers surveyed believed that some health and safety risks in the workplace are unavoidable. The most common... Read More
  2. 10.08.2016
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    The Minister for Defence is continuing with plans that will bring over $400 million of investment to Cairns, and honouring the commitment made earlier in the year to provide a $24 million upgrade to the Cairns Marine Precinct.
    These actions, and comments, made by Mr Pyne during his recent visit to... Read More
  3. 04.08.2016
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    Although there are welders working at Alltype Engineering in Perth, they are scarce. The business has invested in equipment during the boom, and now machinery remains idle.
    "I've been here when the workers were almost falling over each to do the work and now it's half empty," says James England, WA... Read More
  4. 02.08.2016
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    The often-unassuming country of Wales has seen an almost 7% growth in manufacturing firms over the previous year, expanding faster than the rest of the United Kingdom.
    Collectively, these firms (and the manufacturing industry as a whole) employ 165,000 people across Wales.
    This growth, while it... Read More
  5. 28.07.2016
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    Three of Australia’s biggest banks have said that they have lodged a joint application with an anti-trust regulators, to seek approval to negotiate with Apple to install their own applications on iPhones.
    The massive mobile giant that has its own Apple Pay mobile wallet does not allow third party... Read More
  6. 22.07.2016
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    Industry Update welcomes the new Industry Minister Greg Hunt and commends federal Labor’s decision to retain Senator Kim Carr on the front bench.
    Hunt has played a pivotal role in national policy on climate change – one of the most complex and controversial policy issues facing government. We look... Read More
  7. 21.07.2016
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    Farmers have long had one of the highest rates of suicide in professions across the world and as a nation that relies heavily on agriculture, Australia can ill-afford to ignore this statistic.
    A 2014 survey revealed that almost half of Australian farmers suffered from a "mild or worse mental... Read More
  8. 18.07.2016
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    A Brisbane-based manufacturer is helping to reverse the trend of offshore outsourcing by making a multi-million dollar move to bring plastic film manufacturing onshore.
    The move is expected to not only reduce the financial and environmental costs of shipping product from overseas to customers in... Read More
  9. 08.07.2016
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    In sustainability news, south Australia has put itself on the map as a powerhouse of renewable energy after being awarded a contract to a wind farm in the Mid North.
    The Hornsdale Wind Farm that is under construction 220km north of Adelaide has won the contract to provide an additional 100... Read More
  10. 08.07.2016
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    The decrease of oil prices has weighed heavily on energy shares in the US, leading to a weaker-than-expected finish for Wall Street.
    Prices have decreased by more than US$2 a barrel, after the US government declared that crude stockpiles have not declined as much as the market was expecting.... Read More