Zero spillage with CEJN quick connect couplings

CEJN’s non-drip couplings are designed solely for low-pressure fluid and vacuum applications, and their performance and safety requirements.

The product range is ideal for connecting all types of fluid lines, even those as diverse as beverages, salt water, chemicals and oil.

CEJN engineers gave the couplings two important design features:

Modular construction – All nipple and coupling components have standardized dimensions, making them interchangeable and easy to combine into a wide range of configurations.

Non-drip construction – Depending on the fluid being conveyed, fluid spillage may have the potential to cause personal injury or property damage. The non-drip design ensures virtually zero spillage and eliminates pollution and air inclusion during connection and disconnection.

Couplings and nipples in CEJN’s non-drip modular range are offered in three safety levels, which enable users to choose the exact level of safety required.

These safety options also enable users to control cost, since they won’t be paying for safety features that are not required.

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