Your Oil Needs Metering

Alemite Lubrequip has the right electronic oil meter for your needs, with the 3 basic criteria points covered you will be metering your oil dispensing perfectly.
1. Functionality
2. Reliability
3. Price
This is very simple but true and the Alemite 365603 electronic oil meter ticks all the boxes. For the price, the 365603 is the best valve for money meter on the market. Using readily available AA batteries, the user is assured of minimal downtime as battery changing is convenient and can be performed by anyone.  Surrounded by a rubber boot to protect against accidental damage, the 365603 will provide years of trouble-free service. The 365603 meter is one of the mostly widely used meters in automotive workshops around the country including Toyota, Holden, Ford, Nissan, Mazda and more. One look at this meter and you’ll agree the 365603 is the one for your workshop.