Is your machinery and work equipment safe?

To help manufacturing companies prevent accidents and comply with safety laws, Pilz
offers a Plant Assessment service.

Investigations of machine-related accidents often find that the machinery was inadequately guarded.

Other contributory factors include faults with safety-related control systems and too
heavy a reliance on operating procedures.

To help manufacturing companies assess their machinery and work equipment in a cost-effective and timely manner, Pilz Safe Automation provides a Plant Assessment

These are conducted by Pilz consultants with a detailed knowledge of machinery and the relevant safety regulations and standards.

If highly specialised machinery or equipment is involved, Pilz ensures that a consultant with the relevant competence is used.

For every item of plant that is assessed, the consultant prepares a report that presents an analysis of the hazards and countermeasures – which are typically guarding, interlocks and control circuits.

Should any unacceptable risks be identified, the report suggests appropriate
improvements that should be made.

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