Your back will love this pallet strapping system

ErgoPack is an ergonomical pallet strapping system with a patented chain lance that reduces the potential for back injuries.

The new system was awarded a gold medal for best invention at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.

Traditional pallet strapping requires the operator to feed the strap under the pallet (often bent over or on knees) and push/pull it through to the other side where he picks it up to seal it. Using this method the operator is prone to bending over many
times and thereby susceptible to serious back injury.

The revolutionary ErgoPack design allows pallets to be strapped by just one operator and all from one side of the pallet.

The chain lance automatically feeds the strap under the pallet, then vertically up the other side and finally back across the top to the operator.

This automatic feed function eliminates the need for the operator to bend over or walk around the pallet and thus significantly reduces the potential for back injuries and  strains.

Various pallet widths can be handled with the adjustable chain lance feature.

The machine is powered by batteries so there are no cables to drag around or get under the wheels of a forklift. Up to 400 pallets can be strapped with a fully charged battery.

At just 85kg and supported by heavy duty rubber wheels the machine can be easily moved and positioned.

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