Yokogawa’s new temperature controllers a logical solution

Yokogawa has released a new addition to their temperature controller product line – the UTAdvanced.

A digital indicating controller with a sequence control function, the UTAdvanced offers greatly improved measurement, display, operation, control and networking functions.

It also eliminates the need for peripheral devices and associated wiring.

Yokogawa’s control products have established a reputation for their ability to deliver precise control in the face of challenging control dynamics and the UTAdvanced continues this tradition.

It takes the superior PID control that Yokogawa is known for and combines it with a new, standard, no cost embedded ladder sequence control.

The UTAdvanced supports 84 ladder commands, 24 DIO points, four analog inputs
and three analog outputs, and allows up to 400 ladder steps to be programmed and run together with the PID control.

The UTAdvanced has a high-intensity colour LCD display, an easy-to-use interface, full text scrolling configuration prompts, three configuration levels and user-defined function
keys all packaged in a compact design.

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