Yamatake delivers world’s highest performance level


Yamatake Corporation has released the complete range of the new-model pressure transmitter, the AT9000 Advanced Transmitter model GTX.

The new model is designed to improve the safety of plant operations and achieve the world’s highest level of performance.

The Company has positioned the AT9000 model GTX as a global strategic product. It has begun selling the product overseas before its release in the domestic market.

Yamatake launched the sale of the world’s first smart pressure transmitter in 1983. This smart transmitter, which significantly reduced maintenance work and achieved long-term operational stability, has sold more than one million units worldwide.

In recent years, safety instrumented systems designed in accordance with IEC61511 are being used mainly by petroleum, petrochemical and chemical plants as a means of improving the safety of operations.

These safety instrumented systems require pressure transmitters designed based on IEC61508.

The IEC61508 standard imposes strict requirements concerning various aspects of a product, including its concept design, such as whether or not the product is designed to ensure safety instrumentation, or whether its failure rate is sufficiently low.

The AT9000 model GTX satisfies all these requirements, providing a means of improving safety instrumentation, which will grow in importance in the future.

The AT9000 model GTX makes it possible to achieve the world’s highest level of
performance to ensure the safety and stability of plant operations.

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