Xaloy Screw Designs Help Processors Increase Productivity

Xaloy widely considered the world’s foremost leader in screw design for plastics processors helps manufacturers increase productivity, through innovative and continual product development.


While there are many suppliers of screws and barrels, offering cheaper alternatives, none can offer the research & development advantages of Xaloy.


Xaloy has a full range of screw designs to suit any requirements from barrier type designs for polyolefin materials to screws designed for shear sensitive engineering materials such as polycarbonate and ABS’s, as well as highly filled materials.


Such an example is Xaloys patented stratamelt™ injection moulding screw which incorporates the simplicity of a single stage screw with the benefits of intensive, but low shear mixing, through Xaloys patented stratablend®II mixer; With its cut-through melt channels allowing back flow to produce intensive, chaotic mixing, yet shear is kept low and temperature rise is negligible. The design also incorporates positive pumping, which helps promote self-cleaning performance during colour and resin changeovers.


Besides the inherent design advantages of Xaloy screws the other major benefit Xaloy offers is consistency and guarantees of quality. With the strictest purchasing standards, the grades of steel offered and supplied are amongst the best in the world and you can be sure you are getting what you expect, which unfortunately cannot be said for all screw & barrel suppliers.


Further to this, the QA standards Xaloy employ throughout their factories worldwide ensure that when your screw & barrel arrives at your factory you can be sure it will run to the levels you expect and beyond.