World first portable cleaner from Aussie Pumps

Australian Pump Industries has launched the diesel drive Aussie Hydro-Loop, claimed to be the first portable steam cleaner diesel powered recovery system in the world.

Designed to be “clean and green” the Hydro-Loop high pressure cleans and steams flat surfaces, sucking up the contaminated liquid and filtering it for re-use through a unique five-stage recovery system.

The heart of the system is a 4000psi 21L per minute flow portable steam cleaner powered by a Kubota 17.5 HP diesel engine.

The machine has a temperature rating of 130°C, enabling it to melt graffiti off walls or
move grease and oil stains from pavements – without the use of harmful chemicals or detergents.

“The diesel Hydro-Loop’s a big innovation for us because it enables the operator to cut
fuel costs, and have substantially longer prime mover life, said Aussie Pumps’ Trent McVey.

The trailer mounted system comes with its own on-board 800L water tank that provides the operator with the ability to both store and re-use cleaning liquid on the job.

The compact self-contained machine provides its own power generation to run the 110V vacuum system. The vacuum system is in turn connected to the 22″ stainless steel flat
surface cleaner. The Aussie Twister flat surface cleaner sucks up the dirty water, which is then filtered and re-used.

“It’s easy for the operator to use, and the speed of cleaning on large flat surfaces like
car parks, pavements or walls on plazas is incredible,” said McVey.

Australian Pump Industries
Ph: 02 9894 4144