World class lifting bags


Pronal flexible lifting bags are manufactured by the same company that produced the enormously strong inflatable bags used to lift sections of the liner Titanic from nearly 4km deep in the Atlantic.

Their power, safety and reliability is demonstrated by their use internationally in the safety kits of fire and rescue services, says Air Springs Supply General Manager Mr Simon Agar.

Manufactured from plastomer and elastomer coated fabrics vulcanized in a vacuum at 140°C, Pronal lifting cushions are designed for loads up to 70 tons.

Normally inflated with air or any other fluid, such as water, oil or glycol, depending on the application, Pronal flexible products are designed to perform mechanical functions such as pushing, pressing, guiding, clamping, blocking, damping, lifting, moving, wedging and materials handling.

They can be used for tasks ranging from precise splitting of mineral blocks and heavy structures, to lifting of heavy vehicles for service and safety reasons.

The cushions are also easy to integrate into mechanical systems, such as presses, moulds, conveyors, handling robots, lifting tables and other machinery.

Advantages include:

  • Compact when deflated, for easy transport
  • Reduced overall dimensions permit use where low height (down to 20mm) is required
  • Thrust evenly distributed over a wide area (vs point loads of alternative systems)
  • Large surface area (enhanced by dimpled/ textured rubber surface)
  • An asset in many lifting and pressing applications
  • Very easy to adapt to tasks, requiring minimal setup
  • No costly additional equipment required where standard factory
  • Air or mobile compressed air available
  • No sliding seals, with ongoing maintenance
  • High lifting force
  • Speed and safety in operation
  • Lightweight, ideal for use in latest lightweight process lines or for Mobile operations in construction, engineering, mining and maintenance

Mr Agar says the highly diversified range provides an easily transported and costefficient
alternative to hydraulic actuation and craneage across a wide range of industries.

Using technology proven worldwide in land and sea operations, Pronal products are available in standard square and rectangular shapes (100 to 1000mm side dimension), one or more stages, and up to 7 bar inflation pressure (12 models).

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