World class clamping systems from SEI Carbide

For about 25 years OML has been committed to the design and production of clamping systems and equipment for machine tools.

The high technological level and the specialization of the proposed solutions are the winning cards of the Pavia Company.

Thanks to its streamlined and flexible organization, coupled with state-of-art productive
resources, OML offers a wide range of innovative and extremely functional clamping equipment that can satisfy all requests. This exclusive range is now available through SEI Carbide Australia.

Starting from standard products, the technical department can also develop special solutions to meet customers’ specific needs.

The development of special equipment standing out for high technological content has a strategic value because the superspecialization represents the best way to deal with a market characterized by growing complexity, where numbers decrease and competitors increase.

For this reason, innovative and technologically advanced proposals are becoming more and more important.

In terms of products, if we evaluate the technical-functional aspects, OML’s greatest commitment is aimed at optimizing fast and precise clamping solutions, which assure real flexibility to the end-user.

Due to the market’s trend towards the reduction of production batches and the rise of the manufacturing mix, the availability of solutions allowing an easy retooling of the machine tool and, consequently, a significant reduction of downtimes becomes strategic for the customer. For this reason the design activity carried out by OML is organised according to modalities that pursue a strict collaboration with the customer, in order to share the specific know-how of the application for which the equipment is intended.

The company’s range of standard clamping systems is constantly growing.

The catalogue of OML standard products, now available from SEI Carbide Australia, has been widened from 15 pages in 1985 to the present 450 pages.

OML has developed a series of joint ventures over many years with outstanding US, German and Japanese manufacturers for a mutual exchange of products.

As well as vices, OML has directly designed and manufactured a broad variety of products.

This includes the innovative system Zero Point APS and the new vice Genius, studied for 5-axis machine tools.

Other notable products include the new clamping Vari-clamp fixtures, which allow clamping of the most irregular components, and Touchdex, mechanical indexing tables.

APS (Automatic Positioning System) is included in the category of the so-called Zero Point products.

With its new system with three clamping jaws, this represents an innovation in the specific sector.

The system is a universal interface among the machine tool, the clamping equipment
and/or directly the piece to be machined.

The flexibility of the APS system permits the positioning and the clamping in a single
operation with repeatability exceeding 0.005mm.

APS uses compressed air (6 bars) to unlock while the clamping is performed by springs.

Therefore it does not need any power supply in the clamping phase.

Once introduced the pins (A;B;C) into the clamping equipment or directly into the piece, the same are integrated into the APS system.

Setup times are so decreased by 90 per cent, providing notable advantages in terms of
productivity and production costs.

Other relevant technical characteristics include the pneumatic system, the 3-jaw clamping, the mechanical locking with geometric coupling of the pin with double irreversible wedge, the self-centring by means of conical pin, the 3000 N clamping force reached thanks to the turbo effect (that’s to say the clamping force of springs is further
enhanced by compressed air).

And the Pavia company also specialises in the in-house production of tombstones (modular piece-holders made of steel, aluminium or cast iron) which offer high-quality solutions for a broad range of applications.

Since 1998 OML has become part of the Italo-German group SMV Autoblok.

This was an important step in the company’s evolution, allowing it to create technological and commercial synergies.

That takeover has opened new markets to OML.

The company now exports 60 per cent of its production to a vast number of countries, including Australia. SEI Carbide Australia

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