Is this the world’s cleanest machine shop?

When it comes to a lean, clean workplace, a small engineering and machine shop in Victoria’s industrial heartland is leading the way.

Mechanica Industries boasts a pristine work environment to house its start-of-the-art

Established last year by Ballarat mechanic and fitter and turner Liam O’Callaghan and
mechanical engineer Matt McLeod, the Delacombe-based machine shop (near Ballarat)
is committed to providing first-class service and guaranteed workmanship.

“We take great pride in our work and appearance is everything, says Liam.

“We get comments all the time about the cleanliness of our work area. It gives customers confidence. “We care about our machinery and we care about customers’ jobs.”

Mechanica Industries is a full service engineering and machine shop specialising in
mechanical design, machining and fabrication, repair and salvage of mechanical equipment and automotive servicing and repairs.

The machine shop is ideally located to service the strong mix of manufacturing industries in Victoria’s western districts.

“We can handle any job from heavy industry and transport to manufacturing, agriculture, mining and automotive repairs,” says Liam.

Mechanica specializes in “one-off” and low volume manual machine jobs that cannot be
produced viably using high production CNC machines.

“If you can’t buy a new replacement part, we can repair any damaged or worn components, says Liam. “Or we can build it from scratch. “Either way, we’ll figure out how
to bring a machine back to life again.”

Mechanica Industries has a comprehensive workshop fitted out with the finest US, British
and European machine tools including a 6m centre lathe for the most challenging heavy
duty jobs.

“At Mechanica Industries, we love machines, says Matt McLeod.

“We love the challenge of bringing old machinery and parts back to life and of designing and creating new parts to meet any given situation, he says.

“We operate a fully equipped machine shop. Our team will create a machine component
or system from your drawings or ours – one component or 100 copies.

“Repairing failed components or systems is the challenge that we look forward to.

“From our workshop, we can make anything run again.”

Mechanica prides itself on customer service.

The company offers a super fast turnaround on urgent repairs.

“We understand that time is money in manufacturing, says Liam. “We provide on-thespot minor repairs or a 24-hour service if the job is critical.”

Mechanica Industries offers a satisfaction guarantee on all work.

“We believe it is our responsibility to meet our client’s expectations,” Liam says.

“If we don’t meet these expectations the first time, we will do the job again.”

Mechanica Industries
Ph: 03 5335 7251