Workshop Drawer Storage versus Upright Shelving

Since the inception of industrial storage into their workplace storage range, Bosco Storage Solutions’ Industrial Design team has lived by the creed ‘of designing industrial workplace storage modules which maximise the use of valuable floor space and ensure ease of access for optimum efficiency’. Genuine component, parts and tool storage options with the user in mind!

The advantages of Boscotek drawer storage:

  • Space maximisation, i.e. selection of appropriate drawer heights and partitions provide a storage system with minimal space waste, ease of access and uncompromised flexibility;
  • Drawer compartments and accessories maximise the use of storage space;
  • Integrated heavy duty locking mechanisms  provide security for stored items;
  • Anti-tilt mechanism ensures Occupational Health & Safety of employees is maintained, as it prevents multiple drawers being opened at the one time;
  • Drawer storage cabinets can be relocated while fully loaded;
  • Integration of several units, in a range of sizes, to create a complete storage System with knock out holes on cabinet body to facilitate fastening cabinets securely;
  • Variety of base options, including mobile industrial storage solutions.

Workshop Shelving, whilst efficient in a retail or display environment, is not always the ideal materials handling industrial storage solution for high density storage. 

Common shelving systems have a number of limitations, e.g. top and bottom shelves are hard to reach, lighting is often poor within shelves and there is usually unused space between shelves.

Boscotek High Density storage cabinets avoid these problems.  Items can be stored at a good working height, open drawers allow good lighting/visibility of stored items and by using well sized drawers space is optimised

If you consider shelving a better application than drawer storage to solve your industrial storage requirement, Boscotek Combination cabinets are an excellent space maximisation tool, combining high density drawer storage with robust shelving for larger bulky items. Boscotek combination cabinets are 2100mm high and 1010mm wide available in both 605mm and 755mm depths. Drawers can be specified up to 850mm, 1200mm or 1500mm with adjustable shelving above. Standard drawer storage configurations or create your own!