WorkSafe helps injured workers return to work

WorkSafe Victoria has released new guidance to assist employers and injured workers with the return to work process.

The new publications will help employers and injured workers understand their obligations and the steps needed to get workers back to safe and sustainable work.

Under the Accident Compensation Act 1985, injured workers and employers have obligations.

In particular, employers must provide suitable employment where an injured worker has some capacity for work, and it is critical that they regularly communicate with the injured worker and their doctor throughout the rehabilitation and return to work process.

Similarly, injured workers must make every reasonable effort to return to work in suitable employment and participate in assessments to determine their capacity for work, rehabilitation progress, and future employment prospects.

The director of WorkSafe’s Return to Work Division, Michelle Zorbas, says with the number of workers compensation claims averaging about 30,000 per year, returning injured workers back to work has to be a priority.

“Helping them return to work in a safe and sustainable way not only assists in the early
recovery and rehabilitation of the worker, it reduces productivity losses and minimises the impact on an employer’s workplace injury insurance costs.

“Both the employer and injured worker play a vital part in this process.”

Copies of the publications can be obtained from the WorkSafe website at or by contacting the WorkSafe Advisory Service on 1800 136 189.

WorkSafe Victoria
Ph: 1800 136 189