Workplace vending machine offers protection


3M and Control Vend have joined forces to provide innovative vending solutions to the manufacturing industry.

Customers can now save time and money by managing distribution of 3M eyewear, hearing and respiratory protection products as well as 3M industrial consumables all from one location — a Control Vend machine.

Storing and dispensing products in the machine protects them from dust and damage.

“It also assists with safety equipment compliance,” says Gary Watsford, Business Manager for 3M’s Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Division.

“The goal is to control and reduce usage rates customers whilst maintaining ready access to 3M products, he says.

“By achieving this, we provide significant cost reductions to companies and generate a capital surplus that can be implemented into company budgets and forecasts.”

The Control Vend reporting system tracks and monitors every transaction.

From this raw data, they work with customers to provide tailored reporting while maintaining confidentiality if required.

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