Working is easy with Materials Handling

Working with ease ...

The Australian Oxford Dictionary defines the terms ...
Working: – application of effort to a purpose
Ease: – freedom from pain or trouble
Application of effort to a purpose with freedom from pain or trouble “Working with Ease”.

Materials Handling P/L is a national distributor of an extensive range of products for handling, lifting, conveying storage, logistics and warehouse systems, designed to help organisations improve workplace safety, productivity, efficiency and profitability and to have them “working with ease”.


Their products and systems have been specifically designed and selected to reduce the risk of workplace injuries, particularly back related injuries.

The product range is broad and comprehensive.

This includes trolleys, walkie stackers, pallet trucks, ergonomic lifters, chemical and flammable storage cabinets, smoking management products, waste bins, tippers, crowd and traffic control, intelligent lifting devices, forklift attachments, safety barriers, security mirrors, safety signs, ergonomic matting, vacuum lifting and installation systems for the glass and building industries, access platforms, step stools, shelving, racking and a huge range of storage equipment.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Custom Engineered Solutions are a speciality of their organisation.

Materials Handling P/L provides turnkey projects for clients that require a custom designed solution to their unique needs.


With nearly 30 years in the business, Materials Handling P/L has the experience, maturity, products and solutions to improve workplace efficiency, safety, productivity and profitability.

The combination of proprietary lines, custom engineered systems, quality imported products with safety at the forefront, has kept them at the leading edge of customer satisfaction in the Materials Handling Storage and Lifting products industry.

New catalogue

Materials Handling P/L will soon launch an awesome 400-page “Working with Ease” catalogue to assist clients choose the ideal Materials Handling product.

It is the largest catalogue of its kind with a comprehensive product range.

No company interested in workplace safety, productivity and efficiency can afford to be without it.


To assist clients with the purchase of Materials Handling products, the company has formed a strong alliance with Materials Handling Finance P/L – a fully Australian- owned finance brokerage company.

Materials Handling Finance P/L provides a full range of equipment finance solutions and can recommend the most appropriate type of funding to match the nature of the equipment assets being purchased.

This privately owned company was the brainchild of John Brittain, the managing director of Materials Handling P/L.

In the early ‘80s John travelled extensively visiting countries and companies that were manufacturing and distributing handling devices with ergonomic benefits.

John is a fiercely patriotic Aussie with a passion for the products his company represents.

John believes we are “only as good as tomorrow”.

“So what we do is care about the value we deliver to our clients today and everything else seems to fall into place,” he says.

John says his highly professional team is the secret to Materials Handling’s success. “I must have done something right to be so lucky to have such an experienced team,” he says.

“You can build a business but you must also build a team of people that are its soul.
We have done that and I love them all. They are like a family, just great people. We have also built a great rapport with all of our global and Australian suppliers, as they are the backbone of the quality products that we are able to provide to our clients.”

When Materials Handling P/L first started promoting the use of ergonomic lifting devices in Australia they were importing mainly from the “ergonomic culture founding fathers” in Sweden and Europe.

“We were a bit ahead of our time as industry was still of the view that the focus should be on correct lifting not the application of devices to make lifting tasks risk free,” says John.

“We had to get our clients to quit believing that light loads didn’t cause injuries over time.”

John Brittain has done much research into how back injuries occur.

“The human back is an amazing feat of bionic engineering, consisting of about 26 bones, 100 joints, hundreds of muscles and thousands of nerves,” he says.

“With such a complex arrangement it is no wonder problems are experienced, when the back is asked to bear too much. Daily and frequent bending, twisting, lifting and moving heavy objects or loads, near the limit of human ability, will slowly but steadily wear out the human body. Furthermore, heavy lifting always involves the risk of a back injury.”

“When workers are on the job, their health is on the line. Organisations have the power to stop injuries by evaluating all, manual handling, tasks and restructuring the task. They can also embrace new technology and utilise materials handling devices that facilitate work processes. The consequence, to Australia’s economy, of doing the same job repetitively, whilst using incorrect lifting practices or relying on technique, is billions, not millions, of dollars in cumulative trauma disorder injuries.”

One of the most unique projects completed by Materials Handling P/L was the turnkey design, manufacture, install and commissioning of the Four Winds revolving restaurant for the then Travelodge, now Crowne Plaza at Surfers Paradise.

“The longest distance we have had to complete a project was in Suzhou, China.”

“Suzhou, with a population of six million people, is about a 90-minute drive west of Shanghai.”

“Materials Handling P/L supplied and installed eight special Calematic loading dock safety truck restraint systems for the Johnson & Johnson company in Suzhou,” says John.

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