Workers to star in Aussie Made ads

Australian workers, whether on the factory floor or on the land, will now have the opportunity to star in ads for the products they make and grow thanks to an exciting venture by the team behind the Australian Made logo.

The new ads will be developed by Australian Made Media – a new enterprise run jointly by the Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign and creative services company Mediasset.

In launching Australian Made Media Innovation Minister Senator Kim Carr said it would give businesses ready access to a full-blown Australian Made framework for their advertising.

“This venture will help to promote and sell products made in Australia, by Australians, to Australians,” Senator Carr said.

“Real workers will star in the advertisements.

“Not only will this give the ads a unified look and feel; it will drive home one of the strongest reasons to buy Australian - supporting local jobs.

“The venture will produce advertisements for television, magazines, newspapers and online; for city and regional consumers.

“Any business licensed to use the Australian Made logo will be able to access these resources, whether they are small, family-run concerns or large employers.

“I firmly believe that people will buy Australian if they have the choice. This venture will give them the information they need to make that choice.”

The Australian Made logo is found on more than 10,000 products and the number of firms using it has doubled in the past five years.

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