Workbenches with the lot...

With floor space at a premium and budgets shrinking, sourcing products that offer multiple functions within a single footprint is the solution to combat this common problem.

Many factories and workshops could greatly benefit by condensing several job processes into one area. This would reduce the amount of time wasted in moving in between separate work centres and retrieving items, resulting in increased productivity and shorter lead times.

The Boscotek Workbench series offers superior quality, multifunctional design and ergonomic principles with static load capacities of up to 800kg.

The Packing Bench from the range gives users the flexibility to integrate several functions into the same work area.

This popular workbench design can incorporate heavy duty drawers, lockable cupboard units, adjustable height and angled shelving with dividers, overhead lighting, power panels, tape roller dispensers, under bench storage, plastic bin supports, peg board, louvre panels and levelling feet allowing the workbench to adapt to your changing business needs.

Work surfaces come in various types also and are, arguably, the most important aspect of workbenches.

Mild steel, timber laminate or melamine, hardwood, anti-static, duraloid and vinyl can all be fitted for task specific applications.

The experts at Boscotek can supply a bench to suit any requirement.