Workbench scissor lifts table for Furniture Maker

The Safetech workbench scissor lifts table has many unique features that make it the perfect partner for efficient and safe work table work bench manufacturing and assembly activities. Designed, manufactured and serviced in Australia by Safetech - these scissor lifts are durable and can be customised to a specific application

AS1-900 Scissor Lifts Tables– adjustable workbench

Company Profile:
Assemble wheeled trolleys and chairs

Components are moved along fixed height benches as the products have parts added

The Problem:
The height of the products vary greatly requiring the operator to bend or stretch to reach upper and lower parts during assembly.  Fixed height benches cause fatigue and strain injuries


  • Limit tasks to different benches (not practical)
  • Walki-stacker lifters to raise/lower products (limited platform size and also unstable)

Product Chosen:
A Safetech AS1-900 hydraulic lift table was chosen and positioned between the fixed height benches

Benefits of this product:

  • Large stable work platform
  • Provides ergonomic load positioning
  • No installation costs (Unit sits on floor)
  • Simple press button Up/Down operation
  • 240 volt operation  -  no special power requirements (415 volt available for higher duty cycle)