Workbench for Metal fabrication


Metals Manufacturer.


A fabricator of industrial products wanted to improve the efficiency and safety of their welding operations.

The Problem:

Products were fabricated at a welding bench and needed to be elevated and lowered to allow access to welding points. Back and other musculoskeletal injuries were a constant risk. Trailing electrical cords from tools that were used at the bench also created safety issues. A final concern was a desire to improve the speed, efficiency and quality of welding operations.

Product Chosen:

A Safetech AS1-900 workbench lift table with multiple options:

  • On board electrical power outlets.
  • Earthing strap.
  • Tray for storage of tools and jigs.
  • Additional foot pedal controls.
  • Smartlift.
  • Welded edge tabs to conveniently locate welding guns and tool handles.

Benefits of this Product:

The operators using this table have eliminated any need for bending to access welding points. Tools are now stored at hand for quick access and trailing electrical leads no longer lie across the floor in the work cell. The welding strap prevents electrical shorting and the Smartlift allows up and down indexing that saves operator time.

(The first welder to use this workbench was so impressed with the results that he purchased a workbench for use by his son at another company!)


Conventional scissor lift tables had been used previously but failed to address many of the issues.