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Exciting new plasma hole cutting technology

Hypertherm, the world leader in plasma arc metal cutting technology, has combined its newest HyPerformance technology with ART’s machine motion control systems and the latest software to take plasma cutting to a whole new level.

The patent-pending hole cutting technology vastly improves the capability of HyDefinition plasma resulting in a quality that competes, at a fraction of the cost, with processes that were previously more accurate, such as drilling and laser.

The technology, called True Hole, uses a specific combination of cutting parameters optimised for mild steel applications. The end result shows an up to 50 per cent improvement in the shape of the hole.

At the same time, taper and dings are virtually eliminated on holes with an equal diameter to thickness ratio.

Advanced Robotic Technology (ART), a leading manufacturer of CNC routers and plasma cutters, has integrated this revolutionary technology into their high definition CNC plasma profile cutting tables. This, coupled with Hypertherm’s High-performance Plasma HPR130XD and HPR 260XD, has resulted in ultra fast cutting speeds, rapid process cycling and superior quality.

Hypertherm designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced plasma cutting systems for use in a variety of industries such as shipbuilding, manufacturing, and automotive repair. Its product line includes handheld and mechanized plasma systems and consumables, as well as CNC motion and height controls.

ART, an authorised Hypertherm seller, was recently awarded the Hypertherm High Performer Status for outstanding performance in all key criteria for partnership success. This includes high-level end-user satisfaction and a focus on business improvement.

ART’s precision, high definition (HDP) CNC plasma profile cutting tables are specifically designed for heavy-duty manufacturing environments where power, precision, speed, quality, low cost, reliability and durability are demanded by business owners.

“Hypertherm’s True Hole cutting technology produces significantly better hole quality than what could previously be achieved using plasma, narrowing the gap with laser,” says ART’s Director Peter Nolan.

The process works as follows:

A standard DXF drawing file is imported into nesting software. The programmer chooses the number of parts required and sets the plate size, the material thickness, and the process power level (amperage for the plasma process). Multiple shapes of the same thickness can be nested onto single or multiple sheets for processing of components.

An output CNC file is then sent, through a network or using a USB flash drive to the CNC control. The CNC control prompts the operator to check the consumables in the plasma torch (by reviewing a CNC screen that lists part numbers for verification), to make sure the right thickness and size plate is loaded, and offers a process wizard to help square the plate if necessary.

The operator pushes the start button. Adjustment of gases, amperage, arc voltage pierce delay, kerf adjustment and machine code are loaded automatically, which means no intervention required by the operator.

The nesting software recognises hole sizes, plate thickness and plasma power level and, in milliseconds, gathers and applies the corresponding data that was developed by the Hypertherm engineers in their laboratories that produce high quality and dimensionally correct holes, without any delay or expertise required. This robust process essentially gives every operator the ability of an expert operator. This hole cutting quality squarely competes, at a fraction of the cost, with processes that were previously more accurate, such as drilling and laser.

In addition to improved holes, the XD process has now allowed a production pierce in thicker material. This is achieved by Hypertherms unique XD torch design along with ART’s torch height control.

These two advanced systems combined means businesses can increase the quality of components cut and also increase the number of parts produced per hour, all while reducing operating costs.

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