WISE employment choice for auto group


Phil Pietsch from Jag Prestige Spares at Ringwood, VIC, joined Worksafe VIC’s WISE program last year and he has never looked back.

Phil took on Adrian Gower, a former windscreen fitter who’d hurt his back. He trained him to become a sales person of spare parts for Jaguars and Daimler vehicles.

“It worked out perfectly, says Phil.

“Adrian is a good worker and a hard worker and puts in the hours. He’s happy, positive and gets the job done.”

Joining the WISE program was one of the easiest things he has done, Phil says.

“Returning to work after injury is great. I know how I would be if I was stuck at home
with an injury and no-one wanted to employ me.

“We like to give people a go. I like that I helped to give Adrian a chance at another job.

“It frees me and my business partner to do a little bit more, talk to customers and chase other business. Adrian’s been with us for three years now and we’ve never looked back.”

Adrian said getting back to work after an injury could be hard if it was not possible to
return to the old job.

“Sometimes, it’s like no one wants to wants to know you when you’ve got a work injury,
he says.

“I’m a workaholic, so I was pretty down, and it was nice to feel wanted and get back in to the workforce.

“Some of the guys I work with have experienced injuries themselves so they’ve been through what I have. They have an understanding and that’s good; I look forward to coming to work.

“There are a lot of genuine people who just want to get back into the workforce and WISE provides lots of benefits for employers who take on a worker through this scheme.

“It’s great. I’d recommend to any company to give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose!”

The WISE program offers employers experienced workers, tailored to your business, who are keen to re-enter the workforce.

Employers are offered financial incentives of up to $26,000 over 12 months.

New employees are covered by WorkSafe injury insurance protection.

By taking on new employees, employers get more time to grow their business.

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