Wieland standstill monitor a safe option


The Wieland SNS 4084K standstill monitor from Treotham Automation enables machinery operators in process industries to safely monitor two input signals in the 0.1 to 99 Hz frequency range.

The 45 mm housing fits into standard racks and operates on 24V DC nominal (16.8-30 V DC) power.

The unit provides four semiconductor outputs with automatic or manual start and can operate in the -25 to +55 °C.

The main function of the SNS 4084K standstill monitor is safe monitoring of the frequency of pulses on the inputs I1 and I2 of the device.

If the frequency of the pulses is higher than the adjusted frequency (0.1-99 Hz), the outputs Q1/Q2 are switched off. This monitoring function is used for detecting a standstill or limited machine speed.

The signal can then be used to inch the machine at low speed or unlock solenoid locks at zero speed.

The sensors for monitoring the standstill can be, for example, two inductive proximity switches connected on I1, I2 (when I4 has a low level), or an incremental sensor with HTL-outputs connected on I1 - I3 (when I4 has a high level).

The Wieland SNS 4084K housing/terminals are protected according to EN 60529, IP 40 / IP 20. It complies with EN 62061, EN ISO 13849-1 standards, with TÜV, cULus, approvals pending.

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