What Makes a Branach Ladder Unique?

The revolutionary Branach concept uses the latest adhesive technology and patented jointing system to make ladders with unique benefits.

Branach engineers developed a strong and secure joint between box-section fibre-reinforced plastc sides and aluminium rungs. The construction technique results in the most rigid fibreglass ladders on the market.

FOr the ladder user, increased strength equals increased safety. Reduced weight equals greater ease of use. On test against comparable ladders the Branach extension ladder is up to 35% lighter.

Again, tests against comparable ladders show Branach extension ladders have one thrd of the sway and one half of the twisting.

The box-section also means clean uncluttered lines without flanges or sharp edges, making them far less susceptible to damage in use than "C" section ladders. They are strong enough to withstand severe local impact when dropped or misused.

The clean lines make the ladders easy to carry and ensure the ladder sections glide up and down effortlessly and quietly.

Besides strength and durability, one of the most significant benefits is tha t the construction can be used for many types and styles of ladders for a wide vairety of climbing applications.

Branach engineers have used their technology to create corrosion resistant ladders for chemical and mining environments, specialty platform ladders for equipment installation and maintenance and access systems for difficult workplace conditions.

Branach has set the pace in ladder development and product innovation and continues to lead the world in technical innovation.