What To Know Before You Rent

Rental mat companies are a booming business. Businesses rent mats for their building entrances from a company that cleans and launders them at a scheduled time, replacing the mat with a fresh, clean one. Sounds great doesn't it?

Unfortunately, there are several drawbacks to this approach.  Here are some points you should consider before you decide to rent...

MYTH: When you use a rental mat service, you will never again clean another mat.
REALITY: The theory is great, but in practice, it doesn't hold water.  More often than not, your after hours cleaning crew maintains your mats as part of their regular job.  Most cleaning crews never know that the entrance mats are being laundered on a regular basis.

MYTH: Unsightly entrances will never be a problem because dirty mats are picked up and replaced with fresh mats on a weekly basis.
REALITY: So what happens when a mat is replaced on a Monday morning, but Monday evening there is heavy rain or a storm?  By the time Tuesday evening rolls around, your fresh new mat is a total mess.  You could always leave the dirty mat until the following Monday pick-up, but that is extremely bad for appearances.  Your other option is to call your rental company and have them deliver a new clean mat.  Of course by doing so you will incur extra charges for the new mat and special delivery.

MYTH: The mats are cleaned regularly so they always look great.
REALITY: Rental mat companies do a great job of cleaning dirt out of mats, but a problem arises when it comes to the aesthetic appeal of rental mats.  Rental mats are constantly rotated in and out of offices.  You never know where your mat has been or how many times it has been laundered.  Over time, constant laundering can cause carpet mat fibres to break down and lose their "new" appeal.  So one day you could get a really great looking mat and then another day you might get a not so new looking mat.

MYTH: Rental mat programs are cost effective.
REALITY: Like renting furniture or appliances, rental mat programs only cost a few dollars a week.  This sounds super for the short-term, but over time, those dollars add up to a hefty expense.  Often companies find that with the money spent renting one mat, they could have purchased two to three mats for the same price.  Plus, with two or three mats on hand, a fresh one could be used to replace a dingy one during heavy use periods.