What a difference a belt makes...


Spitwater, Australia’s largest manufacturer of pressure cleaners, has introduced a belt drive on its petrol and diesel engine driven industrial range of machines to further improve reliability and performance.

The Oz-Tuff belt drive replaces the conventional gear-box drive on the popular range of petrol and diesel driven industrial pressure cleaners.

“The new belt drive gives users more flexibility, less expense and is much simpler to maintain,” says Milo Gajin, general manager of Spitwater NSW.

The significant change was made in response to customer feedback and in line with Spitwater policy of continued product improvement of its wide range of pressure cleaners.

“At full throttle, petrol and diesel engines operate at around 3600rpm whilst industrial high pressure pumps operate around 1000 to 1750rpm, hence a need for a reduction drive,” said Mr Gajin.

“Industrial high pressure pumps operate at slower speed for better overall performance, higher level of reliability and longer life.”

For added safety the belt is protected by a purpose-designed metal belt cover.

Simplicity of design means the Spitwater Oz-Tuff belt drive is maintenance free.

During testing of the new system, Spitwater engineers found the new drive to be significantly more efficient than the conventional gear-box drive.

“They discovered that with the new drive in place, the pump required up to 2.2kW (3 hp) less power to drive, said Mr Gajin.

“This is a significant saving that may, in the future offer direct benefits such as fuel savings to end users. It is a very smart, superior and cost effective way of getting the power on an engine driven pressure cleaner from a petrol or a diesel engine to pump.”

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