What a blast: tank cleaning has never been easier

Some companies still hesitate to automate their tank cleaning despite compelling benefits – water saving, reduced chemical and labour costs and improved workplace safety.

Spraying Systems Co, experts in spray technology, can optimise tank cleaning operations and remove contact with hazardous chemicals.

For more than 70 years, their engineers have been assisting food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and paper companies to get a more thorough and faster clean for tanks.

Technology advancements have made it easier to remove stubborn residues, reduce cleaning cycle times and achieve higher levels of automation.

If you’re experiencing a difficulty with your current procedure, Spraying Systems’ engineers have the technical knowledge and training to assist.

The first step is to audit your operation, to determine the number and specific diameter, height and length characteristics of tanks to be cleaned.

Are there obstructions like agitators or mixers? Do certain areas like skim lines need more cleaning? Are the residues sticky or easily rinsed away? Are cleaning agents required or is water sufficient? Does the agent need to be heated?

With answers to questions such as these, companies can seamlessly move from manual cleaning of tanks to an automated system – and receive all the added benefits.

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