What a blast: Hurricane hits town


Australian Pump Industries has released an upgraded version of the Aussie Hurricane 5000psi industrial hydro blaster.

The Hurricane MKII is the highest capacity production manufactured industrial pressure cleaner in Australia, and is designed specifically for heavy industry, mining, transport, and the construction industries.

“We’ve up-spec’d the Hurricane by upgrading the heavy duty steel frame to a full hot dipped galvanised finish,” said Aussie Pumps’ product manager Trent McVey.

“The frame doubles as a trolley and is mounted with 4 big 13” pneumatic ‘off road’ style wheels to make it easy to move on site, or around the warehouse, yard or factory,” he said.

The big machine is powered by a 12.5 kW 4 pole slow speed TEFC electric motor, with an unique elastic coupling enclosed in a “double flange”.

The pump close couples directly to the motor through a hollow shaft flange.

The hollow shaft flange encloses the coupling, keeping it free of dust and moisture.

“The big gain for users is extended motor life, effective heat dissipation and substantially extended coupling wear,” said McVey.

The Aussie Hurricane is also available with an explosion proof motor and XD rated starting equipment making it suitable for gaseous locations. The explosion proof version, with purpose designed stainless steel trolley frame is available as an option for offshore oil platforms, or similar applications in corrosive or hazardous locations.

The heart of the system is a “Big Berty” Bertolini HDS series triplex pump, featuring a heavy duty forged brass head and ceramic pistons.

Australian Pump Industries
Ph: 02 9894 4144