What Australian Made really means

Shoppers have the right to know where the products and produce they buy comes from, but studies show Australia’s current labelling laws have people baffled.

The Australian Made, Australian Grown Campaign (AMAG) is helping shoppers through the maze of different country of origin labels and the criteria products must meet to gain a better understanding of what Australian Made really means.

AMAG Chief Executive Ian Harrison says the Australian Made logo is a certification trademark, which provides shoppers with an easily recognised, trustworthy solution.

“When you see the Australian Made logo with ‘Australian Made’ written beneath, it means the product has actually been made here and 50 per cent or more of the cost of making it has occurred here too,” Mr Harrison says.

“It doesn’t mean the product has just been assembled here or packaged here,” he says.

The Australian Made logo has been helping shoppers identify and businesses promote locally made and grown products for 25 years now.

Research shows it is recognised by 94 per cent of shoppers and trusted by 85 per cent over any other country of origin identifier like flags, maps and pictures of animals.

“The community is concerned about Australia’s labelling laws for good reasons. They need to be tighter, clearer and more consistent,” Mr Harrison says.

“The Federal Government needs to show leadership and take further steps to improve these laws.

“Nevertheless, we reassure you that when you see the AMAG logo on products and produce, you know they meet the strict rules we have in place and you can be confident they have been made or grown in Australia.”

The Australian Made logo can also be used with the words “Product of Australia” – meaning nearly all ingredients and processes are Australian – and “Australian Grown” – wholly grown in Australia.

Australian Made, Australian Grown
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