WestSine filters ideal for changing harmonic patterns

Harmonic correction is important for many commercial loads such as IT equipment and fluorescent tube ballasts, as well as industrial loads including variable speed drives, induction furnaces, electroplating baths and electric furnaces.

For commercial loads harmonic content can exceed 130 per cent of the 50 cycle current load. For variable speed drives the harmonic contributions vary from 60 per cent to in excess of 100 per cent.

The result of these harmonic currents is overloading wiring, switchboards and substation transformers as well as nuisance tripping of circuit breakers.

The WestSine-series active filters are based on IGBT technology to generate an anti-phase signal to the harmonic current components produced by the load.

The WestSine filters can be connected in parallel to increase their harmonic correction capacity and can also correct lagging power factor. Low power factor is responsible for increased energy costs in many electricity tariff structures.

The WestSine filters are designed to operate in dynamic environments where the harmonics content and frequency spread change rapidly.

The feedback mechanism of the WestSine filters is hardwired and depending on the filter chosen, real time response can be within 1/100th of a half-cycle to changes in line current.

The value of the dynamic response of WestSine active filters cannot be stressed enough, because without this ultra short response time active filters generally can under many circumstances cause more harm than good.

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