A well-oiled machine…

...with thanks to Hare & Forbes

While many industries might have suffered under the economic global crises of recent years, Brisbane-based engineering machine shop Osmac’s business has grown from strength to strength thanks to the addition of machinery supplied by Hare & Forbes Machinery House.

Established in 1995, Osmac International Pty Ltd is an oilfield machine shop that manufactures well-head equipment for the mining and drilling industries.

Having started his career as a fitter and turner and with over 20 years experience behind him working in oilfield machine shops, Osmac Managing Director Paul Grieves understood early what it took to succeed in the business.

From the very beginning, he saw the importance of providing speedy response times and always maintained a strong desire to make sure his customers got exactly what they wanted, as quickly as possible.

It was this desire to decrease response times that prompted the relocation of operations from Sale, Victoria to Brendale, North Brisbane in order to be even closer to the growth areas of the mining industry.

The move saw Osmac International Pty Ltd well-placed to take advantage of the west Queensland coal bed methane boom.

As the business continued to grow and demand increased, Osmac turned to Hare & Forbes Machinery House for equipment that would enable them to be able to improve their processes and response times even further.

Servicing customers in the oil and gas industries such as Wood Group Pressure Control, Link energy QLD Gas, Ensign Drilling and Savannah Drilling and more keeps Paul on his toes and he is optimistic about the future of the company.

Unlike many businesses, Osmac has managed to breeze through the global financial crisis without a scratch.

When asked how he does it his answer is simple: “By purchasing quality equipment, maintaining a high standard of equipment, and continually improving our processes, plus we’ve been isolated being in the energy industry. It never felt the financial crisis. The energy industry is still booming.”

Although most of Osmac’s work now goes out to the west of Queensland, some components have even been shipped as far afield as Papua New Guinea Nigeria and even to Uzbekistan.

The high quality and reliable equipment and machinery supplied by Hare & Forbes Machinery House have allowed Osmac to expand and grow further.

In June this year they opened for business at their new facility in Chinchilla, West Queensland, in the heart of the coal bed methane region.

Osmac started off buying a Doosan Puma 400 CNC Lathe and a Hartford Mercury
Machining Centre in 2006. They then bought a second Doosan Puma 400 which is now nearly two years old, which Paul says is testament to the quality of the first one. They have since added a Doosan Puma 240 lathe in order to allow them to machine smaller components.

The machines are kept busy with the Doosan Puma machining up to 590 diameter, while the Hartford is used to produce the large flanges of the well-head pipes, as well as drilling and cutting the threads of the flanges.

“The machinery supplied by Hare & Forbes Machinery House has been superb”, says Paul.

“It has helped our business to grow by cutting Osmac’s production times and enabling us to generate and deliver equipment in a more reliable and speedy fashion, and this not only reduces the cost of the product, it also helps us to establish even better relationships with our customers.”

And it seems Osmac’s customers are responding to this growing company’s responsive delivery times because when you ask Paul what part of his job gives him the most satisfaction he is quick to respond.

“Definitely dealing with customers”, he says.

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