Well-designed, efficient small parts storage

Good storage planning requires the combination of many elements.

Treston products offer a flexible and versatile range of storage solutions to build an effective storage system. The large range of small parts cabinets, bin cabinets, and storage bins give many options to store a wide variety of items.

Treston high density storage cabinets are available in a range of sizes and combinations, for storing components and larger pieces of equipment. They can be wall hung, stacked in columns, or mounted on a turntable, providing high quality storage for any technical, manufacturing or industrial environment.

The 550 series visible storage cabinets are manufactured from tough polypropylene with galvanized steel shelves. Each cabinet can hold between three and 60 clear polystyrene drawers. Stylish design and functionality makes them suitable for use in assembly, testing and dispatch areas.

The larger high density storage bin cabinets feature a hard wearing epoxy enamelled steel frame, with polypropylene drawers. They are available in seven different sizes, with space for 4,8,12 or 16 bins.

The Treston turntable assembly is an innovative compact storage system. These offer storage of up to 1792 different items on a floor area at only 0.64m2.

The latest Treston storage product catalogue is now available from Sitecraft.

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