Welding Service Offered By Leading Sheet Metal Manufacturer

Advance Metal Products (Aust) Pty Limited, an Australian owned family company located at Ingleburn in south western Sydney offers the complete sheet metal fabrication service including robotic welding technology, MIG and TIG welding and spot and stud welding.

With multiple welding bays staffed by highly qualified MIG and TIG welders, Advance Metal Products offer welding of more intricate products.


For fast and efficient welding services, Advance Metal Products 6-axis welder has an interchangeable Inverter Pulse Welding head and a Thermal Arc Ultima 150 Plasma Welding head allowing for rapid changeover in material types, ensuring less down time and precise repeatability.

Spot welding utilising state of the art microcomputer controlled spot welding technology provides the regulated constant required to maintain a consistent weld resistance over high volume runs.

Advance Metal Products stud welding technology allows studs up to 12 mm to be welded to all materials.  Automated stud welding provides a new dimension in the field of stud welding, enabling fully automatic welding of studs and pins with manual guns providing stud welding on formed parts or completed assemblies.

Robotic welding, MIG welding, TIG welding and spot and stud welding are all part of Advance Metal Products complete sheet metal fabrication service.

Contact:  sales@advancemetal.com.au or telephone: 02 8976 6222