Weigh Bridge Re-Certification After Loadcell Upgrade.

Accuweigh’s Newcastle branch recently fitted four stainless steel Flintec weigh bridge loadcells as part of a weigh bridge service & certification of Morgan Ash’s small weigh bridge at Vale’s Point, Central Coast. The weigh bridge upgrade was completed in one working day as per the clients request to keep this downtime for this busy weigh bridge to a minimum.

The weigh bridge was previously fitted with Phillips weigh bridge loadcells for which replacement loadcells are cost prohibitive so they were replaced by the more modern and cost effective Flintec weigh bridge loadcells sourced from Ultrahawke in Melbourne.

Before the replacement weigh bridge loadcells could be fitted, the entire weigh bridge deck was removed from the pit to allow an excavator to remove a build-up of hardened flyash that had accumulated over the years.  After fitting the Flintec loadcells, the weigh bridge was then certified for trade use.

Morgan Ash’s Vale Point plant is located next to a power station that produces flyash as a by-product of generating power. The flyash is pumped directly into overhead silos located above Morgan Ash’s weigh bridge and trucks are then filled from overhead while stationed on the trade weigh bridge. The flyash is then delivered to cement companies and batch plants in the area.

Accuweigh is Australia’s largest industrial weighing company with branches in all mainland states specialling in weigh bridge service, maintenance and certifications.