Water jet cutter saves time and money


A water jet cutting machine can be a major purchase for many manufacturers, but expediency and accuracy often offsets the price factor.

One of the major benefits of water jet cutting is that it can cut in multiple dimensions – therefore it can cut a tapered hole or a chamfered edge.

Power Machinery is the Australian distributor of one of the world’s most advanced water jet cutting machines produced by WaterJet Sweden (WJS).

As well as selling the machines, Power Machinery also installs the powerful iGEMS Software.

“Water jet cutting is ideal for the more exotic materials such as aluminium or titanium, which often are very difficult to cut by traditional means such as Laser or Plasma, says Power Machinery’s managing director Ken Christensen.

“Water jet cutters have the advantage of being able to keep wastage to a minimum, he

“This is due to the very small amount of material lost in the actual cut, plus the operator is able to nest parts very close together since there is no heat distortion.”

The extensive range of water jet cutters from Water Jet Sweden AB ensure fast, intricate shape cutting with flawless edges on glass, wood, plastic, sheet metal, marble and foam.

Using advanced technology, Water Jets Sweden AB has brought water jet cutting accuracy down to 0.1 mm for a maximum thickness of 300 mm and the technology is increasingly being used across a variety of industries including aerospace and defence, engineering and manufacturing, manufacture of building fit-out materials, ornamental displays and others.

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