For water filtration, the answer is clearly Cuno


The Cuno High Flow Filtration System, enables customers to filter up to 1900L per minute (lpm) of water through a single filter cartridge.

Filtration of large process flow usually requires hundreds of filters, with very large steel housings to accommodate them.

This includes large industrial plants, municipal water treatment plants or power generation facilities where filtration requires massive flow rates.

Housings of this size can be expensive and occupy significant space – space that can often be used for other purposes.

And because most filters have a finite life and must be replaced when they are spent, the time required to change out hundreds of filters is a major issue for customers.

A direct benefit of using fewer filters is a smaller housing to accommodate them, which reduces capital cost and saves valuable plant space.

The Cuno High Flow Filtration System comes with an ergonomic handle to make installation and removal easy during change outs.

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