Warequip celebrates 35 years on the move


Warequip is an Australian materials handling leader with a proud history.

The company has provided the market with some of the world’s best brands including Taylor Dunn, Prestar, Magliner, Rubbermaid, Hallins and Zallys. Managing Director Regan Carr reflects on 35 years of business success…

Since its humble beginnings in 1976 operating out of Abbotsford as a forklift attachment specialist, so much of the business and industry has changed.

Over the 35 year journey we have experienced a recession, global financial crisis, the extreme highs and lows of the Aussie Dollar, Sales Tax, GST and a female Prime Minister.

Some of these elements really did test the resolve of most businesses, including ours!

Warequip has adapted quickly to the changing face of materials handling, in which one country has played a starring role.

China has modified both the Australian economy with its consumption of our natural resources, along with its continuing supply of materials handling products.

More products, more options and more value has created opportunities for many new companies.

This has certainly increased the profile of our type of products, and created a competitive, sometimes confused market place.

Our product profile has increased, the market size has increased, and the overall choice of product has become greater.

In turn, our consumers have become more sophisticated and better informed about product choices.

Our sales people have less control over the selling process now – the buyer has the power!

This power has come from the wealth of product knowledge, forums, blogs and data that is readily available on the Web.

With knowledge comes power – power to decide what to buy, how to buy and whom to buy it from.

As both the market, its products and buyers have become more sophisticated, business processes need to keep pace.

Training, support and modern systems, embraced by the right staff is the key to businesses success.

At Warequip we currently employ 25 talented people who are leaders in their own right. They display loyalty, community support, philanthropy, and a genuine desire to be the very best they can be.

Warequip will continue to encourage personal development in its team, seek product innovation from its suppliers and lead the way in customer satisfaction.

The future of our business, and the opportunity for all stakeholders is extremely positive.

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