Want better quality replacement vacuum clamping pads at a better price than you currently pay?

Original spare parts for vacuum clamping systems in the woodworking industry.

It is a fact of life that even the best devices, or parts thereof, break down after they have been used for some time. The main reasons for this are natural wear and tear or the lack of care when using the device. Whatever the reason is, the defective parts must be replaced as quickly as possible in order to ensure that the expensive machines can continue running with the shortest possible down times. In order to ensure that repairs can be made quickly and without problems, the user must keep a certain number of spare parts in stock and it must be possible to install the new parts quickly, easily and without the need for financial penalties. On the basis of these considerations, Millsom Materials Handling offers a wide range of replacement suction pads for all five "vacuum clamping systems for woodworking machines" in the Schmalz product range, namely:

• Innospann = the system for simple retrofitting on all CNC machining centres with tables of all types,

• VC-G = the universal clamping system with hose connections for use on smooth tables,

• VC-T = the hose-free clamping system for maximum flexibility in use,

• VC-K1 and -K2 = the clamping system for CNC machines with console tables,

• VC-S and VC-B = clamping technology and suction blocks for use in clamping systems made by Italian machine manufacturers.

These suction pads, whose compatibility is guaranteed, replace worn or damaged suction pads and can be fitted in seconds, without the need for tools. As original spare parts from the manufacturer Schmalz, they have the same dimensional accuracy as the original pads and the materials from which they are made are just as resistant to shocks and wear as the original parts. They have the same properties as the original parts and their excellent sealing ability ensures fast establishment of the necessary vacuum and correspondingly high holding forces. The replacement pads can thus withstand high transverse forces, permitting higher machining speeds then many of the pads they replace.