Vision Safe knives: cutting edge of safety

Reducing hand injuries caused by conventional packaging knives has become a priority in many workplaces. Exposed blades means exposure to hazard.

Vision Safe have a range of Safety Knives that have been engineered to reduce the risk of personal injury caused by exposed blades.

The latest addition to the range is the versatile Sword Fish Safety Knife. Based on the Fish series of knives, the Sword Fish is a heavy-duty safety knife for use in both rescue and warehouse/packaging situations.

It features a concealed blade enclosed in an impact resistant nylon casing with a textured surface for sure grip even when wet.

Strapping, banding, wrap, seatbelts, rope, clothing and cable ties slide into the mouth of the “sword fish” where it contacts the blade and is cut.

It also features a hook blade which can be positioned for automatic or manual retraction to further reduce the risk of injury.

Vision Safe
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