Viatran Wireless Network System for Oil & Gas Fields

Viatran, world renowned supplier of pressure sensors to industry worldwide, has recently released a highly innovative wireless networking system (VNS), allowing centralized monitoring of sensors placed throughout oil & gas fields, or any facility where measurements are critical and centralized monitoring is desired.

The VNS system is made up of Viatran remote devices (VRD’s) which gather information from sensors in the field. The VRD’s relay the information to a Viatran hub (VHub). Each VRD will support up to 3 analog and 2 digital inputs. The VHub serves as a communication gateway for up to 10 VRD’s.

 The VRD’s at the heart of the system can be either battery or solar power operated. Typical battery life exceeds 1 year and battery condition is automatically monitored and reported. The VRD’s are generally process or pole mounted.

The VHub receives messages from all the VRD’s located in the field, with which it is matched. With a typical transmission range of 1.6km (1 mile) the VHub maps the data received into assigned Modbus registers. The VHub can then pass the information to an attached flow computer, SCADA system, or distributed control system.

The VNS has been designed for applications such as measuring gas and oil wellheads and pipelines, gas compressors and offshore & onshore oil rigs. Other applicable installations can include petro-chemical processing plants and any other large scale general processing plants.