Viatran Ultra High Accuracy Pressure Transmitter for Test Rigs & Control

Viatran Pressure Transmitters are recognized the world over for offering among the highest quality solutions for the most demanding of applications.

Distributed throughout Australia by Tasman Machinery, Viatran have significantly grown their market in Australia, since Tasman Machinery took over the distribution

Dermid McKinley of Tasman Machinery has noted the common theme among their customers is the special demands the applications, from oil & gas drilling, through to jet engine testing rigs. “Customers are saying they are looking to Viatran due to their reliability and ability to offer solutions to difficult applications.”

An example of this is the X45 Series. The X45 Series offer extremely high accuracies as low as 0.05% FSO, with pressures as low as 3psi, all the way through to 100,000psi! Response times of 1 – 3mS.

The X45 utilizes state of the art circuitry in a very small space, including an internal calibration circuit, allowing calibration of the unit without a pressure source.

Surface mount technology allows the X45 to be equipped with electronic linearization, which accounts for non-linearity’s in the sensor.

Pressure spikes and over pressures, common in test rig applications are overcome by Viatran employing bonded foil strain gage technology on a hardened stainless steel diaphragm.

Available with a full range of optional outputs, pressure ports and temperature compensation for a temperature range of -40°C thru to +85°C. , the X45 is the only solution when you need the best.


About Tasman Machinery:

Tasman Machinery is an Australia and New Zealand wide organization offering a broad range pressure & temperature products and instruments, to a wide range of industrial sectors.

Tasman Machinery is the sole agent throughout Australia and New Zealand for VITRAN and its parent company DYNISCO Inc.